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Highway Wilding is for teachers, non-profits, transportation planners, and other people who are interested in getting wildlife across highways safely.

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We are committed to making the Highway Wilding documentary freely available for non-commercial education purposes.

  • Embed the 'Highway Wilding' Trailer and or the 22-minute documentary on your website.
  • Feature 'Highway Wilding' in your next newsletter.
  • Organize a screening. 'Highway Wilding' has become an audience favourite on Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.
  • Share the film with your networks.
  • Host a brown bag lunch and screening at your office.
  • Download the teachers' guide and share it with your local school.
  • Order a DVD of the film.
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Highway Wilding - the Documentary - Acknowledgements

Thank you to The Banff Centre for generously supporting the post-production of 'Highway Wilding'.

Edited by Jessica Dymond

Please click here to see a full list of film credits.

Music Credit: 'Chuckwagon' by Elliot Brood

Music Credit: 'Salamandre' written by Chris Brown and Kate Fenner, performed by Sarah Harmer

Music Credit: 'Copper Mountain' by Brian denHertog

Highway Wilding - the Documentary - Funders

We would like to thank the following funders for their generous support of Highway Wilding - the Documentary:

Parks Canada

Patagonia Environmental Grants Fund

The Government of Alberta and the Alberta Sports, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation

The Community Grants Program at The Calgary Foundation

The Edmonton Community Foundation

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

The Woodcock Foundation

Shell FuellingChange

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Highway Wilding sets out to convince us that roads as we know them are a serious problem and make a case for doing something smarter, and achieves both beyond all doubt. Better yet, it deepens into the long-distance lives of animals and evokes that powerful sense of nature as a world operating outside of our daily understandings. Everyone will have their own moment where the film crosses over from interesting to urgent; for me, it was the story of a transplanted lynx that walked over 1500 kilometres home from America. Beautiful."
- J.B. Mackinnon - author of 'The 100-Mile Diet' and 'The Once and Future World' (2013)